Our friends at @nourishcreative and @planamag released a riveting short documentary today highlighting the remarkable community efforts of AAPI New Yorkers coming together to form @dragoncombatclub in response to anti-Asian attacks.

The film’s synopsis: A crew of documentary filmmakers hits the streets of New York City to follow Dragon Combat Club, a grassroots self-defense organization formed in the wake of brutal anti-Asian attacks. The film they made explores community solidarity, self-expression, and the fundamental right to be safe.

A note from the filmmakers: “We were shocked and saddened by the recent surge of violent attacks all over the country, with many of the victims being Asian Americans. But there was one emotion that we felt was missing from the national conversation: anger.

Anger isn’t always a negative emotion. It can be righteous. It can be legitimate. It can be motivating. And while many public figures decry the model minority label, Asian American activism can often be academic and inoffensive. Playing for sympathy points.

This is a film about people on the ground – nurses, engineers, creatives, and more – who volunteer their time and bodies to protect and strengthen their community. We hope it inspires you to ignore all labels, to speak your mind, and to take action locally.” Follow @nourishcreative and check out the film here!