This month, we are welcoming Cheechee to our board. Learn more about her below – and be sure to make it out to an event to meet her!

What drew you to TAP and why did you decide to join the board?

After moving to New York, I was missing a feeling of “home”. I went to my first two TAP events the following weekend (picnic and TAPpy hour), and found a familiar sense of community/shared cultural roots, even though I was meeting members for the first time. Since then, I’ve wanted to help contribute to building community, and TAP seemed like a perfect place to start! 

What do you hope to accomplish in your role? New event ideas?

I’m excited to help brand TAP better and contribute from a design perspective. I’d like to see TAP-NY have a strong social media presence, and to reach more folks who may also want to join in! As for events, I’m generally excited by anything fitness or food related. I’d love to help host cooking events or yoga and wellness activities. 

What is your favorite aspect of Taiwan?

Taiwan will always be home to me, since I spent the more formative years of my adolescence there. I’d have to say my grandparents are my favorite part 🙂 Besides the people, the food (specifically 豆漿油條蛋餅) is always amazing. 

What would our membership be most surprised to learn about you?

Pre covid, I was an avid traveler! In between college and starting out in the real world, I took a gap year, reduced my belongings to a single 35L backpack, and visited over 30 countries. I’ll always look fondly on those days, and would probably do the long-term-minimalist-backpacking-traveling again.