For our November Member of the Month, we interviewed Connie Liu! Read on to learn more about her.

Tell us about yourself! It can be about anything – where you grew up, your professional background, your hobbies, etc.

I love connecting with interesting humans. Together we can shape our principles / interests and uplift communities. I’m a proponent of actively pursuing growth and contribution in any form. I also enjoy hiking to mountain peaks and trying donabe noodle recipes. Open to any tips on how to make knife-cut noodles more uniform!

Why did you join TAP? What was your first event?

I want to build community and help empower the Taiwanese identity. Joining TAP seems to be a solid place to start. My first TAP-NY event was rock climbing at Central Rock Gym. 

What’s your favorite Taiwanese food and why? What’s your go-to restaurant in NYC?

Soup dumplings 小籠包 (having paper-thin wrappers) paired with hot sweet soy milk 甜豆漿 warm the body and soul. Each dumpling just bursts with umami-rich soup – so ingenious! I have not yet found a NYC restaurant that serves my favorite Taiwanese food combination, so for now, the warm bowls at sweetgreen will have to do. 

If we wanted to hang out, where would we find you?

I am usually on the move, exploring the city by foot. The stops en route may be a Japanese grocery store, a restaurant with hot, lightly flavored soups, a tea shop, an ice cream parlor with dairy-free options, and/or a public restroom (thank you google maps).