Our emotions impact not only the quality of our work, but also how we perceive our jobs and careers. So why do we believe that emotions are “unprofessional” or uninformative? Why are we often taught to separate our emotions from the workplace? How can we better evaluate our emotions to make career path decisions aligned with our desires?

Join Jess Song of Back to Self (www.backtoself.us) on a deep dive into the relationship between our emotions and our career paths. 


  • You are feeling frustrated, stuck, or misaligned at work 
  • You are considering different career paths but want to be “truer” to yourself
  • You are experiencing challenges and want to speak up for yourself
  • You want to re-evaluate your direction or purpose


  • Reflecting deeper on why we are happy/unhappy in work environments can help clarify what aligns/doesn’t align with our core values
  • Getting to the deep roots of our everyday emotions can empower us to productively navigate stressors, difficult conversations, or relationship conflicts
  • Identifying how certain conflicts can actually trigger unconscious reactions can empower you to navigate those triggers differently

Event Details
When: Sunday, February 9, 2 – 4 PM
Where: 1 Liberty St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10006
Tickets: Click here

This is an interactive workshop that will involve education, discussion, and implementation. We encourage everyone to come with open minds to discuss various situations that happen in the workplace. Journals and writing materials are included. Light beverages and snacks will be available.


  • 2pm: Doors Open
  • 2:15pm: Workshop Starts
  • 2:40pm: Group Discussion
  • 3:30pm: Writing Time
  • 4pm: Wrap-Up

About Jess Song and Back to Self
Back to Self focuses on emotional navigation, communication, and empowerment with a multicultural lens. 

Jess spent 10+ years incorporating counseling and emotional development frameworks into nonprofit and education programs for underserved / immigrant / 2nd generation / trauma-surviving youth (and the adults working with them). She focuses her curriculum on emotional language, core values, communication/advocacy, and healthy relationships. 

Jess founded Back to Self to help shift how we approach our emotional selves through journaling, aiming to provide perspective-shifting frameworks in an affordable, practical, and applicable way. She invites a much-needed dialogue on the relationship between culture, community, identity, and the impact intersecting worlds have on our emotional and mental well-being.