For our May Member of the Month, we interviewed superstar member Merrick Tien! Read on to learn more about him.

Tell us about yourself! It can be about anything – where you grew up, your professional background, your hobbies, etc.

Hi TAP! I grew up in New York City, and have been a consultant, marketer and product manager, currently looking for jobs in streaming media or cleantech. Back in college, I sang in a world tour with a jazz a cappella group, and was also a member of some choruses. For my pandemic hobby, I’m dabbling in basic audio production, mostly as a way to sing indie rock, R&B, and soul. 

Why did you join TAP? What are your favorite events?

Several years ago I was living in Los Angeles, and I ran into TAP-LA during a TAPpy hour at the Wellesbourne, a very swanky old-world-style pub. They were super-chill and friendly, so I got on their mailing list, and kept up with TAP-NY events when I moved back to New York. My favorite TAP events include the Lunar New Year banquet, TAP Olympics, and boat cruises. I can’t wait for those to be in-person again! 

What’s your favorite Taiwanese food and why? What’s your go-to restaurant in NYC?

I could have beef noodle soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes I might have heard that’s a bad idea, but I’m not a doctor so I have plausible deniability. Beef noodle soup is a perfectly balanced comfort food that crushes the competition in terms of taste, heartiness, and affordability. My go-to Taiwanese-style restaurant is OK Ryan in Flushing. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but they have the classics like stinky tofu and oyster omelettes, and everything there is good.

What’s your advice for newer members who want to get more involved?

Try to attend as many TAP events as you can, whose subject matter might interest you. If you have the time and inclination, volunteer to staff an event or join a committee to plan one. The group is very welcoming, and you might make new friends or learn something new. It’s more important now than ever for Asians in America, whatever our background, to have a sense of community and to support, promote and advocate for each other. TAP is one of the best organizations I know for doing this.