Yun Hai was founded in 2018 to bring small batch, Taiwanese food brands to the US and to raise awareness of Taiwanese culture. They started with handmade soy sauces and chili crisp, but are now bringing our favorite, Taiwanese-style dried fruits to the US! 

Inspired by the recent pineapple ban, Yun Hai is working with small farmers and agricultural co-ops across Taiwan to help bring some of our most beloved fruits stateside. Launching with the classic Irwin Mango, Golden Diamond Pineapple, and Pearl Guava, these fruits are dried gently to preserve their aromatic flavor and chewy texture, without the additives and excessive sugar we often see in US dried fruits. 

But Yun Hai needs your help to make this happen! They are launching a Kickstarter to gather enough preorders to fund the first order before Mango harvest season ends. Sign up now here to be notified for when the campaign launches next week (week of April 19th), and Yun Hai will email you with Early Bird access, which includes a discount for early backers.