This year, TAP-NY is welcoming one new board member, Emily Oing, as our Community and Cultural Chair. Learn more about her here – and be sure to come to an event to meet her!

What drew you to TAP and why did you decide to join the board?

Connie (current TAP-NY board member) introduced me to TAP after I moved to New York. She invited me to a couple events and then the pandemic hit. In the past few months, I’ve seen how supportive everyone is in the organization and how the Board has worked endlessly to create new opportunities for people to still meet each other and to raise awareness about issues like mental health.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role? New event ideas?

I would love to build more on TAP-NY’s volunteer events, partnering with organizations around the city for virtual and in-person events. I have a challenge to myself to build relationships with local BIPOC-owned businesses for events to show solidarity with other minorities and spread more awareness of the Taiwanese American population in hopes that they will want to learn more about Taiwanese culture too.

What is your favorite aspect of Taiwan?

I used to visit Taiwan every summer when I was young. I’ve only been back twice in the last decade so I get nostalgic pretty often now. My favorite memories are getting stinky tofu off the street carts before dinner, going to night markets and playing the balloon games, and visiting hot springs. I also love going up to the mountains and hope to go on a hike the next time I visit.

What would our membership be most surprised to learn about you?

I have 20 plants and have named all of them.