This month, we are saying goodbye to two TAP-NY board members. We asked them to reflect on some of their favorite TAP memories and experiences – see below for their thoughts and memories of their time on board!

Steve Fan, Outgoing Cultural Chair

Jordan Hu, Outgoing Vice President

Steve Fan Farewell

Steve Fan – Outgoing Cultural Chair (TAP-NY Board 2020)

1) What was your favorite TAP memory and why?

Though I was on the board for only a relatively short time before I moved to California, I still had many favorite TAP memories in the past year! I was really excited and blown away by the Lunar New Year banquet that we had this February. We not only had a lot of attendees, but also the performances, the games, and the after-party throughout the night made it such a blast. Definitely one of my highlights for TAP!

2) How has TAP helped you grow as a person and as a member of this community?

TAP taught me that it is important to be engaged and be active as a member of the Taiwanese American community. It has helped me understand better that it is both fun and rewarding to contribute to our community. I am really appreciative of the many opportunities that TAP offers to connect the Taiwanese American community in New York!

3) What are some words of advice you would give to incoming board members?

While unfortunately I only had a short period of time to getting to know the board better, I would say to the new incoming board members to get to know everyone better on the board! TAP is a very welcoming and supportive board. Also, try to get to know the whole TAP-NY community through all the events throughout the year!

Jordan Hu Farewell

Jordan Hu – Outgoing Vice President (TAP-NY Board 2018-2020)

1) What was your favorite TAP memory and why?

And without even so much as a heads up, three years has flown by just like that. I’ve commonly heard the phrase「光陰似箭」”Time flies like an arrow” but could never fully apprehend it until now. As I’m sitting here in ponderment, I can’t help but think just how smooth, linear and on target the trajectory of that arrow I shot three years ago has felt.

There is no shortage of TAPpy memories that have uplifted my New York experience but the ones that stand out are those that have emerged from pure spontaneity and total unexpectedness. I often revert back to my favorite TAP-NY memory, filming our iconic ‘Thank U, Next’ lip dub video. To me, that lip dub so accurately encapsulates the down-for-anything attitude, total commitment and unparalleled bond we have as the New York chapter – in a way, it feels oddly emblematic of my three years on board. Several other standout memories that have stayed with me include:

  • Flying out to Austin to supposedly attend SXSW but instead spending the entirety of that weekend binge watching and crying over ‘This is Us’ with TAP-ATX
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn to an array of alarm clocks going off at Sundance Film Festival, quickly followed by a mad rush to link and spam tap the mobile app to get on the waitlist for the best screenings
  • Finding myself Elsewhere at a Bondax concert in Williamsburg on a Thursday night for a board partner date – so absolutely rad
  • Attending the OCAC trip in Taiwan with other chapters that included many off the path excursions such as getting massages with my roomie, late night shopping at TMS, being wholesome at OMNI, and eating the best street food Taiwan has to offer
  • Dining on perhaps the best tacos ever, seeing ‘The Chainsmokers’ perform live, and accidentally stepping into the pool at XL in Vegas
  • “Grocery” shopping, playing rage cage into the late night, downing jello and ski shots, and sitting down for a family dinner at retreat
  • Making a last minute mad dash to buy eggs at Whole Foods for our oyster omelette booth at Passport to Taiwan circa 2018
  • Eavesdropping on some very educated guesses from outside spectators on what our Din Tai Fung Halloween costume was
  • Spearheading two runs of ‘The Amazing TAP Race’ from ideation to execution, running around Times Square to film a teaser with a GoPro attached to my head and discovering my race served as inspiration for an engagement proposal idea

2) How has TAP helped you grow as a person and as a member of this community?

TAP has been a springboard for me to jump far and beyond my comfort zone. From joining as design chair to transitioning to content/marketing and then eventually joining leadership as Vice President, the takeaways I’ve learned in each given role has been invaluable and have directly contributed to my professional and personal development.

I have yet to come across another community as vibrant as TAP and it is truly an honor to be a part of its history. Even though I sadly can’t say my Mandarin improved by being on board (lol), I’ve at least acquired an expansive social network, a new set of skills and a much stronger affinity towards my Taiwanese heritage.

3) What are some words of advice you would give to incoming board members?

At the forefront, come in with an open mind and be prepared to fully give in to the experience. The following words of advice are ones that I personally found to be helpful in making the most of my time on board:

  1. Understand your intent and the “why.” Identifying the origins of your intent from the get go will provide clarity and keep you focused throughout the duration of your time on board. Without knowing the “why” will only spur indecisiveness and defer you from achieving your goals.
  2. Outsize your own expectations. As a board member, you have certain responsibilities to fulfill but don’t let that stifle your creativity. Dream twice as big, put in the effort to make it a reality and don’t only do the bare minimum. Be fearless in bringing your crazy, unconventional ideas to the front-line because with the support from your board, anything is a go!
  3. Adopt a curious mindset. Be curious about your board members, general membership, alumni network, literally everything. Let your curiosity be the driver in your decision making because it will absolutely take you to new heights and help build more genuine, long lasting relationships.

I’ve had the time of my life these past three years and from the bottom of my heart, I want to sincerely thank the TAP community for all you’ve given me. You guys will forever be considered my family and I love you all from Taiwan and back!