For the first time ever, Dream Flare Film Festival (DFFF) is partnering with Taipei Film Festival to bring you nominated and award-winning Taiwanese works. By co-hosting with the Asian World Film Festival, which for many years has been leveraging their Hollywood background to promote Asian films in the US, DFFF is helping take Taiwanese films international! 

The film festival will be held virtually from November 6th to November 20th. For more details and to purchase tickets, visit the film festival website here or the Facebook event page here. We have a special discount code for TAP members – use code 80DFFFTAPNY for 20% off all festival screenings. Purchase the all access pass here. There are also 10% discounts for the following single movie tickets:

  • Whale Island 男人與他的海: Purchase tickets here with discount code 10DFFFWhale
  • Get the Hell Out 逃出立法院: Purchase tickets here with discount code 10DFFFGTHO
  • Good Morning: Purchase tickets here with discount code 10DFFFMorning 

If you are interested in staying up-to-date on the film festival’s activities, follow the fan page here.