Rock the Boat is hosting a weekly mental health series! As we continue to practice social distancing, mental health has become top of mind for so many of us. From experiencing racism to job loss, from managing relationships with those we’re quarantined with, to applying for loans, there are so many things we have to deal with during these unprecedented times.

Rock The Boat is partnering with mental health professionals Darlina Liu, Dr.David Mou, Dr.Steven Sust, Daniel Tanh (LSCW), Dr. Dana Wang, and more to bring you a weekly mental health series over Zoom with the goal of bringing together small groups to discuss COVID-19, coping strategies, and overall mental wellbeing. You can attend for free or chose to donate to Rock The Boat and GetUsPPE. Either way, the hope is to gather together during these times and find a safe space where we can share our experiences with each other.

Event Details
Every Friday from April 24th until May 29th, Rock the Boat will have a small group discussion about a topic that is top of mind for the Asian American community. Each session is led by an Asian American mental health professional via Zoom. Find a time that works for you and RSVP here.

If you work in mental health and would like to host a session with Rock the Boat, email Lucia Liu at [email protected].