The Modern Taiwanese Tea Ceremony Club is very pleased to announce a new tea ceremony series in partnership with abacaxi pop-up at Eche Verde in the Lower East Side. The tea ceremony series will feature one of two beautiful, hand-picked Oolong teas from Taiwan. Enter the promo code TAPTEATIME at checkout for a special 10% discount (only for the first 20 tickets).

Where: Eche Verde (162 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002)

True Love
Hand picked, Lugu Dong Ding Oolong, 1200 meters
3 Plum Blossom rating from Lugu Farmer’s Association competition (awarded to top 20% of entries)

Oolong For You
Hand picked, organic Luya Red Oolong, 800 meters
Competition winning tea created by Tea Master from Taitung, Taiwan

Check out the schedule here!

About the Tea Masters

Jaesy Wang
Jaesy has had a love affair with tea her whole life growing up around tea farms in Taiwan where her family has been growing small batch, award-winning Oolong Teas in the Nantou region of Taiwan for over 60 years. Jaesy has been invited to conduct tea ceremonies in various locations in New York City. Jaesy loves to showcase the beauty of Oolong tea in a simple elegant way.

Jaesy is the founder of the Modern Taiwanese Tea Ceremony Club, Kiss Tea, and Luv Tea Cafe.

Anshul Mathur
Anshul is a former physician and co-founder of Kiss Tea. Anshul is passionate about bringing knowledge and education on Oolong tea to new audiences and encouraging people to experience brewing Oolong tea at home for friends, family, and themselves.