We recently had a chance to interview one of the couples that formed from our speed dating event last year about their experiences. Read the interview below and sign up for our upcoming speed dating event here!

Last year, you were both part of TAP Speed Dating.  How would you describe your experience?[1]

Girl: I went to support a friend. I honestly was not going to this event expecting to meet anyone, but it’s funny how things turn out sometimes. Within three months of dating, we started to live together and now it’s been over a year.

Guy: Very well programmed from the trivia to the rapid fire dating, it was all entertaining. It made for great conversation all throughout. I was definitely exhausted at the end of the event.


*How would you compare TAP speed dating vs. regular (or online, if applicable) dating in NYC?

Girl: I had so many different kinds of conversations with many guys within a short amount of time that at the end, they all blended together, even though I was paying attention to everyone. The one good thing I realized about speed dating is that if there’s zero chemistry, we just need to suck it up for a few minutes until the bell rings.

Guy: A lot more direct and an ego-boosting experience since Tinder didn’t help in any way.


*What did you think of the ice breaker activity (trivia)?

Girl: I think this was a great idea for people who did not know anyone else at the event. This avoids the boring conversation everyone has when meeting someone for the first time: where are you from, what do you do, where do you live. Trivia gave us a topic that we could discuss and conversation started naturally. After the ice breaker, I completely forgot it was a speed dating event.  

Guy: Great, since this was the most memorable way to get to know her and probably the main reason why I picked her after meeting everyone else.


*What were your first impressions of each other during TAP Speed Dating? 

Girl: When I was told that I would be sitting in table 1, I walked over to see a guy sitting there with a drink and looking at his phone. At first, I thought, “he looks like a snob, know it all.” Of course, he was nice when I introduced myself and he immediately put his phone away, and we then started to chat about how we heard about the event. The conversation was pretty smooth. Then, one by one, other people sat at our table and I didn’t get to talk to him again until the speed dating portion.

Guy: Outgoing, and a great sense of humor.  Very rewarding to talk to her since she was blunt in the things she said about others and herself.


*Tell us about your first date! How did it come about? 

Girl: He was the first person I talked to when I got to the event and was the last person I spoke to during speed dating.  After talking to one guy after another (people I had never met before), it was so nice to see a familiar face at the end of the event. We continued talking after the event. I also dislike wasting time and I don’t care to make new guy friends, just to be friends. So I asked him straight up if this was actually happening. Few days later, we went on our first date. It was a lot of walking and talking. He made me walk…a lot.

Guy: Interestingly enough, she was the last person in my rotation and at that point, I was exhausted and my introverted mindset started taking over. We agreed that we would pick each other and that would be the end of that (She could see that I did not check anyone else on my list too). After the event, we chatted and before I left I agreed that we should go on a date. To which she responded, with something along the lines of: “All jokes aside is this happening?” I was not only surprised, but ecstatic that I did not have to play around with words, assumptions or being on the same page. This was the best insight into her personality and I could not wait to meet her.  (I actually ended up asking if we could move up the day of our first date so that it occurred much earlier than originally scheduled!)


*Would you say there was an instant connection / chemistry?

Girl: I did not feel the connection when I first chatted with him, but at the end of the event, I think our chemistry grew.

Guy: The only thing I can think of was how great her sense of humor was. She knew how to have fun and that was as simple and necessary of a connection for me.


*It’s been a year since you guys met at TAP Speed Dating, tell us some cool experiences / highlights you’ve done since you met!

Girl: The thing I appreciate the most is that sometimes we are in the same room doing our own thing without talking to each other, but it’s still an amazing time.

Guy: We attended a city-wide activity based scavenger hunt, an extreme adult obstacle course, and cooking class. Best of all, we went to IKEA together to go shopping for our first apartment together.


*What would you tell people interested in TAP speed dating?

Guy: Go in with no expectations. Use the opportunity to meet people and come out with a better understanding of and for yourself! Very important! Albeit vague, I went in with that mindset and ended up connecting with someone who wasn’t expecting anything either.


*Would you recommend the event to your friends?

Girl: I would recommend this event to friends who like to meet new people, whether or not they are looking for a relationship. Because you never know what can happen.

Guy: I actually did and he participated as well!


[1] Aside from the interview questions, the content of this interview was prepared by the interviewees, with minor edits from from TAP Board.