Exciting news! TANG (Taiwanese American Next Generation) is looking for staff for their summer conference. TAP members have previously volunteered as staff and have found the experience wonderful. Here are some quotes from TAP members who went to TANG:

“I’ve had grandparents of my Tiny Tots tell me how happy they were to see their grandchildren meet so many new Taiwanese American friends. I’ve had parents tell me how they also grew up attending this program, and how great it was for their own children to attend it as well. It came full circle to me about how important it is to have these little tots feel connected to our community and be proud of their Taiwanese American heritage at such a young age.”
Jenny Wang, former TANG Tiny Tots (ages 3 to 5) Program Director and TAP member

“I volunteered at TANG for the first time last year as a high school counselor and it was an amazing experience to meet not only wonderful fellow counselors, but also fantastic Taiwanese American kids going through those same struggles and issues that we went through when we were younger. Being able to share with them our experiences and learnings was an honor and privilege.”
– Andy Tien, former TANG High School counselor and current TAP Technology & Membership Chair

Apply today at https://goo.gl/XRYhDp. More on TANG below, directly from the source. Also check out their website at http://tangeneration.com.

What Is TANG?
We are a summer conference where three generations of Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans come together. There are six programs: Tiny Tots, Juniors, Junior High, High School, Young Adults, and TANG Parents.

At TANG, we are dedicated to bringing together all generations. We foster pride and interest in Taiwanese culture and community, cultivate personal growth, and build lasting relationships.

This year, TANG takes place July 1st – 4th​ at West Chester University, PA​. If you’re interested in becoming a staff member, fill out an application here: https://goo.gl/XRYhDp.

Our Mission
Our mission statement is simple: We want the youth to be enriched by a loving Taiwanese community, so they can obtain a stronger sense of self and passionately pursue their convictions.

Who We Are
TANG staffers are dedicated individuals who believe in community action. We believe in crafting quality programs that are not only fun but also focuses on the unique needs of our campers. On an individual level, we empower our peers by encouraging self-reflection and meaningful discussions together. Most of us are Taiwanese-American, but it’s not a requirement!

Why Staff?
Mentorship – You’ll get the opportunity to mentor TA youths who are in the same boat as you were just a few years ago. Help them navigate the road of growing up and perhaps learn something about yourself as well!

Camaraderie​ – Meet other staffers who are also navigating through early adulthood. Many staffers become lifelong friends and find TANG to be an invaluable support system as they grow older.

Leadership​ – At TANG, there are opportunities to lead at every level, from being a counselor to marketing to event planning. We are a self-driven organization, and your level of involvement is only limited by your ambition! Our volunteers truly make a difference and are the only reason that TANG is able to serve so many people.

Contact Us
Interested in staffing? We’re always looking to have new counselors join our family. Apply to be a counselor at ​https://goo.gl/XRYhDp. You might also be interested in our Young Adult program​. Reach out to us via email at hello@tangeneration.com, and follow us on our Facebook.