Dear TAP member,

Over the years, we have consistently grown our membership, and we hit over 6,000 members last year. As we reflected on this milestone and looked ahead to 2018, we recognize that we are fortunate to experience this growth, and we also have a greater responsibility and potential to shape our community.

As such, our focus in 2018 is “impact and influence.” That is, our aim is to think critically about the purpose of our programming and how we plan to make a positive, lasting impact on our local communities. As part of a national organization, we should not only inspire our sister and brother chapters, but also work together on issues at a higher level, affecting beyond our local communities.

We have seen how our events bring our members together, creating “TAP stories” and discovering new jobs, interests, roommates, spouses, or lifelong friends through TAP. We have donated to victims of hurricanes, held a charity basketball tournament, helped with voter registration, and hosted numerous volunteer events.

However, we do not want to stop there. The work we do as a board has far-reaching effects, and we need to ensure we are constantly working towards a stronger community, one that is engaged, empowered, and excited to be a force of good. We already have a few events in our pipeline focused on these initiatives, such as book club discussions on Asian American issues, mental health workshops, and professional panels, to name a few.

Of course, we want to hear from you too and will be releasing a survey in the next couple weeks to invite your feedback (always feel free to drop a line or come talk to us at events as well!).

If there is one thing that is constant for TAP-NY, we know how to have fun and look forward to an incredible year together. Come out to our Lunar New Year Banquet and Ski/Snowboard Trip to help us kick off 2018!

TAP-NY Board