Earlier in the summer, TAP-NY hosted its first-ever singles mixer and speed dating event. It was a great success with people meeting, connecting, and some even dating. We had a chance to catch up with one couple to hear about their TAP speed dating experience.  (*Names have been changed.)

How would you describe your speed dating experience?
Jane*: I was shocked and amazed by how organized the event was. Everything felt like it went smoothly and it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Was there anything that surprised you about the experience?
John*: I really enjoyed it because it didn’t feel just like an awkward speed dating experience; it was like a laid back networking experience.

How would you compare TAP speed dating vs. regular dating in NYC?
Jane: TAP speed dating felt like chill networking, I knew someone who knew someone so it didn’t feel like the people i’m meeting were complete strangers.

What did you think of the ice breaker activity (trivia)?
John: I didn’t know what to expect going into the event so the first group trivia event was a good ice breaker. I was happy we got put into a group setting at the beginning so it takes the pressure off the 1-1 setting.

What was your first impression of each other during speed dating?
John: Her big smile. (haha).

What was your first date?
Jane: Dinner at a Japanese restaurant, then i dragged him to a TAP softball team karaoke event
John: I took her to a Japanese restaurant and then we went karoake-ing and I met her 10 cousins on the very first night….

What would you tell people interested in speed dating?
– Definitely a great way to meet new people in the city that you ‘sort of’ know people whether if it’s a friend of a friend.
– Keep a open mind coming into this event, don’t expect to go in that you would ‘find’ someone at the event.
– Just enjoy relax and have fun!

Would you recommend the event to your friends?
1000% absolutely.


Interested in participating in the next TAP singles mixer and dating event on November 11, 2017?

More information on signing up can be found here – http://tap-ny.org/events/1111-fall-in-love-with-tap/.  Last day to sign up is November 3!