Dear TAP Member,

TAP-NY became an official chapter of our parent organization, TACL, seven years ago. In 2010, Jeremy Lin was just graduating from Harvard, there was barely any bubble tea outside of Chinatown, Hiro Ballroom was still a thing, and the second avenue subway seemed doomed to never open. In a city moving at a New York minute, seven years is a long time.

Sometimes, as organizations, especially volunteer ones like TAP-NY, get “older,” it becomes easy for them to get too comfortable, to stop striving for the best, to maybe even move and execute more slowly.

We don’t want that to happen to TAP-NY, so in 2017, our organization’s mission will be to lead and build our community with excellence.

That means thinking outside the box when it comes to new event ideas, and not just borrowing from the past. That translates into completely new events (like our volunteer event with KEEN later this month), new themes for old events, and maybe even saying goodbye to events we’ve done in the past. As New York City changes, so too will TAP-NY.

It means using insights we’ve collected and takeaways from conversations with our members to create both events and content that will interest you. This year, we have a position on the board specifically for generating content, something that we hope will help drive conversations about the Asian American and Taiwanese American NYC experience.

We’ll continue to become closer to and solicit ideas from our membership, while at the same time keeping you updated on the “state of TAP” through open brainstorm sessions and website posts like this one.

2017 for TAP-NY will be this and a lot more – and as always, we’ll strive to do good for our community, plan for the future of our organization, and most importantly, have fun! See you soon – maybe even at our upcoming Lunar New Year Banquet!

TAP-NY Board