By Alex Tsu, TAP-NY Professional Chair

I hear it all the time. “How’d you guys meet?” “How do you two know each other?” It’s a simple question that we ask all the time when we meet new people. And for most of the people we hang out with, it’s a simple question to answer: college classmates, mutual friends, colleagues, etc.

When I’m asked that same question around Will, Kat, Irene, and Kelly, however, I know it’s time to throw the short answers out the window. There just isn’t a two-word response that quite captures how five strangers met at a TAPpy Hour at Circle back in September and went on to become close friends.

Things start with David, a high school friend, who came to New York as a member of the TAP-SF delegation for the National Convention taking place that Labor Day weekend. David had reached out to me a few days prior to the event to ask if I’d do dinner and swing by the TAPpy Hour at Circle with him.

When I met David for dinner, he brought along his friend Will, who, after a monumental amount of coaxing, agreed to come with us to Circle for his first TAP event.

At Circle, Will and I got acquainted by settling into some deep conversation about the Golden State Warriors and snapbacks. David encouraged us to start being a bit more social, and we begrudgingly agreed, joining a pair of girls at a nearby table. If you asked Irene and Kelly what we first said when we sat down, I doubt neither of them could give you a good answer. But somewhere in the middle of a conversation that was barely audible, we discovered that we were all the same age.

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It was nice to have found something in common so quickly with people I had basically just met, and as Will, Irene, Kelly, and I talked more, I took it upon myself to see if our gang had room to grow. And by that I mean, waving exaggeratedly at random people passing by and asking if they happened to be similar in age.

When I asked the first person we saw, I couldn’t hear her response, but when she held her hand up for a high-five and joined us at our table, I knew what her answer was. And that’s how we met Kat.

Since Will, Irene, Kelly, Kat, and I joined forces that night at Circle, we’ve done housewarmings, karaoke sessions, and Thanksgiving dinners together. We’ve consistently managed to grab dinner together on Thursday nights, and our Facebook group chat is a constant buzz of gifs, emojis, and plans to hang out. I can unequivocally say that these friends have been a defining aspect of my time in New York.

So for those of you reading this, asking yourselves whether or not you’d like to make the trek out to the next TAPpy Hour, I have this to say: come out, put yourself out there, and meet new people.

You never know when you’ll meet your very own “Circle of friends.”

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