1. Tell us about yourself! It can be about anything – where you grew up, your professional background, your hobbies

I’ve lived in NY or the burbs my whole life, but I’m still discovering new things to do. Most people think of New York as a concrete jungle, but there’s plenty of things to do outside. I picked up climbing about a year ago, paddle-boarding a few years ago, there’s also some great (ok, good) surfing in the Rockaways. [Sidenote: the Hudson is much cleaner than you think and there’s tons of stuff to do in/on the water!] I also like finding new places to eat, and new things to cook.

2. Why did you join TAP? What are your favorite events?

I originally joined TAP because one of my friends was on the board and she kept dragging me to events, but I quickly found out about all the events that TAP holds and met a lot of interesting people. I’ve been playing on TAP’s flag football team since the beginning and the ski trip is always a great time.


3. Tell us something cool that happened to you this past year.

Winning a championship with the TAP football team!!! Just an awesome group and we have some great memories, not just of football but also of celebrating our victories and drowning our sorrows.


4. If we wanted to hang out, where would we find you?

In the winter, on the slopes or climbing at the cliffs. When the weather’s nice, playing football or out on the water. Year-round, you can find me stuffing my face with delicious food. I just found a new hotpot place in flushing that was really good.


5. What’s your advice for any newer members who want to get more involved?

I would say to explore all the activities that TAP offers. Besides the big stuff like volunteering, TAPpy hours, and sport leagues, there are a lot of smaller-scale events like baseball games, climbing, and hiking which TAP has organized that are great for finding new interests and hobbies.