By Alex Shih, TAP-NY President

Blog 1

When I first sat down to write this post, it was easy for me to think of a topic – Happy New Year and get ready for an awesome 2016 with TAP-NY – duh.

Sure, we have some amazing events coming up that are going to be a barrel of fun and more (check out our upcoming Lunar Banquet here) but after some thinking, I wanted to briefly write about another way that we try and improve the experiences of our members.

Sometimes, we like to surprise our members with the little things they’re not expecting – because it’s the small things that count.

I think back to our ski and snowboard extravaganza last year, when our sports and wellness chair (now external vice president) Jessica Chen made sure that everyone had hand warmers to brave the cold. Or when our community chair (now cultural chair) Emily Kuo bought Asian breakfast buns for our members who woke up at 8 AM on a Saturday to make it to our volunteer sites deep in Brooklyn and the Bronx. And during our Halloween Party, when we gave out candy from a jack-o-lantern bucket.

Group discounts are another welcome means to enhance the experiences of our members. When we went apple picking, to see a Broadway show, and a game at Barclays, our tickets were steals. And when we spot or are approached about upcoming community events, we do what we can to secure discounts.

Blog 3

For those who participate in TAP sports, we want to make our teams feel like they’re a part of a community – bringing out a cheer squad, photographing them whether they like it or not, and providing small subsidies for team bonding.

Blog 2

Sometimes, TAP is the facilitator in bringing small improvements to the lives of our members. As we work on our TAP Stories initiative, it’s so exciting to hear about people who have formed friend groups with others they met at TAP, found roommates, challenged themselves personally, or even embarked upon a new career opportunity.

These small enhancements probably aren’t the main reason to come out (we could list things like great people, innovative events, and of course, fun, for that) – nor are they always physically or financially feasible – but in the words of Blink 182, surprises let me know she cares.

Happy New Year – and get ready for an awesome 2016 (including surprises) with TAP-NY!