Last month, our Cultural Chair, Vivian Lee, moved to San Francisco to take on a new job. Vivian joined the TAP-NY board in 2013 – check below for her reflections on her TAP-NY experience over her nearly three years of service!

As we close out the year, TAP will continue to create events showcasing Taiwanese and Taiwanese American culture to the community. We’ll miss you Viv!


1. What will you miss the most about New York City and TAP-NY?

Definitely the people! I’ve met so many amazing people here who have made such a positive difference in my life, and I truly hope that I can maintain those relationships even from the other side of the country. The second thing I will miss the most is the food, oh and also convenient public transportation =).

2. What is your favorite TAP-NY memory?

This is a tough one! There are too many but I’ll list a couple:
1. Singing our hearts out at the Karaoke en Mandarin gatherings!
2. TAP Board Bonding at a K-Pop Dance Class in Flushing with Taiwanese dinner afterwards (especially memorable was seeing Alex in short shorts at the class =P)
3. Jacqui’s surprise proposal at the TACL 30th Anniversary Gala!

3. What did you gain from your experience on the TAP-NY board?

Being on the TAP-NY board truly gave me the feeling of being welcomed into a family. Not only did I gain friendships that I will always treasure, but I also had the satisfaction of bringing to life events (such as the annual TAP Night Market) that expanded TAP’s brand and reach to the non-Taiwanese and non-Asian community, which is something I’m proud of.


4. What would you tell a new TAP-NY board member, or someone who is interested in getting more involved with TAP-NY?

To someone who is interested in getting more involved with TAP-NY: Just do it, you won’t regret it. Start small, by coming out to our more intimate dinner events and by signing up to be a volunteer at our various events that need a little extra assistance to execute. If you don’t know anyone, look for a board member, we’re all very nice, I promise!

To a new board member: Welcome to the family =)

5. Where can TAP-NY continue to grow to make itself even bigger than it already is?

By continuing to put on events in partnership with other organizations, across other TAP chapters, and to continue to market ourselves to a broader community so that we have a strong presence and voice and are looked up to as leaders of the NYC community.

6. Who is the sexiest member of the TAP-NY board (current)?

Alex Shih obviously, our fearless President

7. What should TAP-NY board dress as for Halloween?

Pokemon characters (jk, maybe).