By Johnson Wang, TAP-NY Professional Chair

As part of our ongoing “Inside Look” series, TAP-NY brought a group of young professionals from our community to visit the new offices in SoHo. Boxed is a mobile e-commerce company — think of an online version of bulk shopping stores like Costco.

Boxed CEO and Taiwanese American Chieh Huang recently made headlines by announcing that he would use his own money to pay for his employees’ kids to go to college. He’s said that the decision was the right one to make, to truly help his employees in the long term. Reading about Chieh’s decision to pay it forward, and his incredible career arc, brought me back to the lessons and values we heard about at our “Inside Look” event; I also saw parallels in how TAP-NY aspires to engage and elevate our community and its members.

During the event at Boxed, we had fascinating discussions with Chieh and a few other key members of Team Boxed: we talked about everything from the startup experience, to perks and tradeoffs, and how to find and build a rockstar team.

Three big lessons stuck with me:

Being able to take feedback, adapt quickly, and find new opportunities is something we strive for at TAP-NY. Next week, we’re hosting Boba and Baos with the Board – an open forum style event where anyone can come meet the Board to share ideas and learn more about getting involved. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback on how we can better serve you and the broader community’s needs.

Putting a smile on our members’ faces is one of the best things about TAP, and it’s a value we cherish. Our members have met new friends, roommates, and even significant others through TAP. It’s our hope that these relationships, along with the fun and engaging events we have, go a long way in helping individuals make the most of their experience and time in New York. Speaking of fun, check out our white party boat cruise later this month.

Of course, we’re always looking to reach a broad audience, and the NYC area is huge. We might not have subway ads, but we do what we can through email, social media, and word of mouth, to get the word out about the diverse set of events we host each month.

We’re excited for the future of Boxed, and grateful we got to visit and experience its vibrant culture and incredible growth. Just as Chieh made a commitment to the future of his employees, we at TAP want to make a commitment to continue growing our community for the long term as well.

Keep your eyes open for more “Inside Look” and other professional events. As always, I’m open to feedback and suggestions. If you think of ways that I can better serve the community, or have a story to tell, let’s start a conversation.