By Vivian Lee, Cultural Chair

What is it that makes the Night Market such a beloved institution of Taiwan? The bustling atmosphere as vendors hawk their wares? Illuminated signs setting the evening aglow? Passerbys licking their lips greedily as they feast on culinary creations from all sides? All of the above and more?

Whatever it is, Night Markets have come a long way from their origins as small local gatherings to the wonderful mainstream experiences that they are today, celebrating culture, food, “small eats” or “xiaochi,” and more. It’s with all of these things in mind that TAP-NY built this year’s Taiwanese Night Market event, a chance for New Yorkers to recreate the excitement and most importantly, delicious food, of Taiwan.

Always one of TAP-NY’s most hotly anticipated events, our Night Market this year will play host to vendors and dishes that will transport you back to the beautiful island. Braised pork over rice, or lu rou fan 滷肉飯, is a hearty homestyle Taiwanese dish that mixes simmered flavorful pork and flavor bursting greens. We’re upping the ante this year with delicious Taiwanese style dan dan noodles (擔擔麵), and for the truly daring, get ready for pig ear salad, stinky tofu, and more. To satisfy your sweet tooth, grab a bowl of shaved ice and chocolate desserts and of course – wash it all down with a can or two of Taiwan beer.

Once you’ve made your way through all the vendors at the TAP-NY Taiwanese Night Market, you may find that your appetite is whetted for the ultimate Night Market experience in Taiwan! Curious about the best spots? Below are some famous Night Markets that are well worth a visit!

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Shilin Night Market – One of the largest and most famous Night Markets in Taiwan, it first opened in 1899, and is located directly across the Jiantan Metro Station. Conveniently located near the Love Boat dorms, it is a well-known favorite for international visitors!

Tainan Flower Night Market – Known as the most popular Night Market in southern Taiwan, Tainan Flower Night Market is only open 3 days a week: Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Feng Chia Night Market – Neighboring Feng Chia University in Taichung City, Feng Chia Night Market offers exotic dishes such as Feng Chia Four-in-One (a mixture of jelly fig, tapioca pearls, Kumquat and lemon juice), and Charbroiled Pepper Bread.

Ready to eat? Head over to this page for more tasty details on TAP-NY’s 4th Annual Taiwanese Night Market on May 29th! This event has sold out every year, so buy your tickets early before spots run out!