Over 70 TAP-NY members participated in our 1st Annual March Madness Pool. It was a thrilling tourney, but there can only be one winner, and that was the Duke Blue Devils.

Big congratulations to our pool champion, Albert Chu, whose bracket was appropriately named: ’91 ’92 ’01 ’10 ’15. Honorable mentions also go to our 2nd and 3rd place winners, John Tsuei and Michael Chuang. The top 3 will be splitting a $200 cash prize, sponsored by TAP-NY!

March Madness Winner - Albert Chu

Get to know Albert and his pool-winning strategies below!

1) What was your strategy when filling out your bracket? I’m gonna take a wild guess that you’re a Duke alum?
I am, and I always pick Duke to win…which means I won a bunch of pools this year and in 2010 but have otherwise done pretty miserably. For the rest of my picks, I use Ken Pomeroy’s analytics as a guide (adding a slight ACC bias), even though his track record is apparently on par with committee seeding. So basically, my strategy is to get lucky.

2) What do you plan to do with your winnings?
Many, many Duke t-shirts.

3) What’s your take on the officiating during the championship game?
It’s a good thing Duke always pays off the refs, otherwise last night would have been pretty grim. In all seriousness, the officiating seemed poor, not that a casual fan’s judgment means that much. But they clearly missed the two calls towards the end (in Duke’s favor), and I thought calls were inconsistent throughout the game; you’ll never convince me Wisconsin only committed two fouls in the first half.

4) How did hear about TAP?
Good question…I’m not entirely sure. Either Google or through friends.

5) What are some of your favorite TAP events?
The small group dinners and cooking events are consistently awesome, and I also really enjoyed community service day.