By Johnson Wang, Professional Chair

Almost exactly a year ago, TAP hosted Taiwanese-American entrepreneur Andrew Yang as he talked about his book, “Smart People Should Build Things”, and also shared his vision and passion for the company he started, Venture For America.

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Sitting in the crowd that night was a VFA fellow named Eric Huang. Eric has since graduated from VFA, and recently reached out to me to share news about his new venture, Ash & Anvil, a company that makes everyday clothes for shorter guys. I felt gratified when Eric told me that he had kept in touch with other community members who were in the audience that night, who have in turn also helped him with Ash & Anvil. To me, it was proof that what we’re doing with TAP’s professional events – laying the foundations for new connections – is working.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Ash & Anvil has launched a crowdfunding campaign, and they can use all the exposure our community can give them, so check them out.

In a broader context, forming new connections has always been at the core of the professional events we’ve put together. To that end, we’ve visited the offices of and spoke with Chieh Huang, another Taiwanese-American CEO, and other employees about what it takes to create a successful business. We spoke with three Director-level professionals from PwC about “making it” in corporate America. And we crammed 30+ people in a room to hear from the data scientists, engineers, and marketers at pymetrics, an innovative job placement startup.

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships as well that can help benefit our community of young professionals. Just a couple weeks ago, TAP worked with mega successful Xi’an Famous Foods on a concert that gave back to the community here in New York. It’s hard to believe that Xi’an Famous Foods started as a simple food stall in Flushing, and now they’ve sponsored a concert that drew top Asian and Asian American musical talent, including Wanting Qu, Lara Veronin, MC Jin, Clara C, The Shanghai Restoration Project, and Mree Hsiao.

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Keep your eyes open for more professional events. We’re incredibly excited to be witnesses and catalysts in the story of our community’s growth, vibrancy, and success.

Here’s to new connections.

As always, I’m open to feedback and suggestions. If you think of ways that I can better serve the community, let’s start a conversation.