TAP is excited to partner with Pymetrics as a new (and free!) career search tool to our members! Think LinkedIn meets OkCupid – where companies and candidates are matched for jobs, just as people are matched for dates. (But with a bit less drama).

Pymetrics uses a series of neuroscience games to give you a personalized report of your cognitive and socioemotional traits. That profile then gives you access to a wide variety of companies looking to hire compatible profiles. Matching is blind – meaning there is no bias in our recommendations.

To learn more:

Go to pymetrics.com, sign up, and complete your profile by playing a set of games!
Once your profile is complete, you will receive a personalized trait report and industry recommendations. Your profile will then connect you to a variety of companies looking to hire based on compatible fit!

Check it out and let us know what you think…and stayed tuned for a chance to get an inside look at Pymetrics and learn more about what they do, career opportunities, and more in the near future!