10 Things for TAP in 2015
By Alex Shih, President

Dear TAP Member,

It is my pleasure and an honor to assume the presidency of TAP-NY in 2015. I’m incredibly excited for what the board will be bringing to our community in the new year, and with that, I present you with 10 goals for TAP in 2015:

1. Build the community. Since its inception, TAP-NY has been about helping you make friends and connections. Through our core pillars: social, community, cultural, professional, and athletics, we want to be a resource you can count on. Everyone is invited to TAP events, and there’s never been a better time to come out.

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2. Have fun and party hard. We’ve held some great parties over the years, and 2015 will be no different – next month, we’re ringing in the Year of the Ram with a 9 course banquet, and then turning the banquet hall into a pop-up party. You don’t want to miss out on the food or the fun – learn more and get your tickets here!

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3. Have fun and party not so hard. If drinking or happy hours aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered. This month, grab a spot at our upcoming dinner series, join us for an Escape the Room adventure, and keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to interact with our awesome community!

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4. Bring you closer to Taiwan. The beautiful island may be 8,000 miles away, but with monthly offerings like pop corner, information on Taiwanese politics, cultural events like Karaoke en Mandarin and cooking workshops, we can help make those 8,000 miles feel a little smaller.

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5. Invest in the next generation of Taiwanese Americans. Taiwanese Americans as a group have enjoyed significant success, but there is more work to be done. Through mentorship, partnership, and collaboration with groups like ITASA, we can help the next generation emulate our good fortune and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

6. Support Jeremy Lin. Although, when it’s Knicks or Nets versus Lakers, we’re not really sure who to root for (or who to bet on) either.

7. Support small businesses that are a cornerstone of our community. We’ve worked with artisan chocolatier Luluosophy, photographer Andy Chang, and that’s not to mention the vendors featured in our Taiwanese Night Market. This February, we’re working with Xi’an Famous Foods to bring some big name Taiwanese and Asian American artists to the city.

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8. Partner with organizations like The Promise Society, NAAAP, TAANY, Apex, Plate by Plate, and more. Working in concert with our peer organizations via cross promotion, charitable donations, and more, only serves to make our community stronger.

9. Strive for synergy with our national counterparts. TAP-NY is part of the broader TAP network formed by Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL). We will work closely with national and other TAP chapters to make TAP-NY the best it can be.

10. Listen to you. Let us know what you want to see by emailing us, or better yet, let us know if you’re interested in getting involved with one of our committees – community, cultural, social, professional, technology, and advocacy. Email us at: hello [at] tap-ny.org.

Please feel free to say hello in person or drop us a line, and I’ll see you at our Lunar New Year Banquet on February 7th!

Alex Shih
Taiwanese American Professionals New York