Charles Pan, President
Crystal Tang, Internal Vice President
Jesse Hwang, Co-Social Chair
Jessica Wang, Treasurer
Michael Wang, Design Chair

Charles Pan, President
Charles Pan
Outgoing President

It’s been an incredible ride as TAP-NY’s president – thanks to you, it’s one that’s been filled with so much excitement, learning, accomplishment, and fun.

If there’s one thing I learned from serving on TAP’s board these past four years, it’s that the Taiwanese American community can do amazing things when we come together. I mean this in both big and small ways.

It’s amazing things like one TAP member helping another land a dream job at an advertising agency. Amazing things like showcasing the deliciousness of Taiwanese food to thousands of New Yorkers at TAP’s Night Market. Amazing things like supporting one of our members launch her own fashion line, which is off to a roaring start. Amazing things like a group of disparate volleyball players coming together to (almost) win a league championship. Amazing things like two people meeting at a TAP event and now living happily ever after.

The goal of TAP is simple: to empower the Taiwanese American community to help each other succeed personally and professionally. We want to provide a forum for Taiwanese Americans (and those interested in Taiwanese culture) to come together, support one another, and have fun. I think we’ve made tremendous progress in the past few years in enabling amazing things to happen in our ever larger and ever stronger community.

I owe endless gratitude to my tireless co-president last year, Jacqui Wu, and my indispensable VPs this year, Crystal Tang and Alex Shih. Thank you also to the TAP board over the past two years – it’s a long list of folks but the amount of passion they put into growing TAP is even greater: Andy Ni, Audrey Lee, Betty Wang, Brooke Chuang, Debra Wang, George Liao, Jennifer Lin, Jesse Hwang, Jessica Wang, Joanne Hong, Johnson Wang, Michael Wang, Ray Tsai, Victor Wang, and Vivian Lee.

I’d also like to thank all of the TAP members that make up this community for coming out; our volunteers and committee members who helped bring our 100+ events to the next level; and to our partner organizations and sponsors who collaborated and supported us.

Here’s to amazing things from an amazing community in 2015 and beyond!



Crystal Tang, Internal Vice President
Crystal Tang
Outgoing Internal Vice President

These past two years on the TAP board have been truly phenomenal. From meeting TAP members at different events, to working with the board, it’s all been such an amazing journey. While it’s often difficult to find time in the hustle and bustle of New York City, I’m thankful that so many Taiwanese Americans and Asian Americans prioritize coming out and building this community with us. Some of my favorite memories: waking up early to judge TAP Olympics, dumpling making at our board retreat, first trip to Coney Island, and epic nights in KTown (ooh that steamed egg ☺).

Keep it up next year, and see you around!


Jesse Hwang, Co-Social Chair

Jesse Hwang
Outgoing Co-Social Chair

As I look back on my time as Co-Social Chair, I am astonished at how quickly two years has passed. It has been a privilege getting to know and work with some of the smartest, brightest, and most dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We have accomplished so much as a board these last two years, from working on new events such as the flip cup tournament/bone marrow drive and summer boat cruise, to continuing annual traditions like the Lunar New Year banquet, Vermont ski trip, Halloween party, and Summer Olympics.

I am proud to see TAP’s reputation continue to grow in the community and more active participation from our members. We have expanded our athletic and sports reach over the past two years to include basketball, flag football, softball, and volleyball. I fondly recall when volleyball started with only one small team, and now has grown into an institution with four teams across four divisions.

Serving on the board has been rewarding on so many levels and my New York experience has definitely been enriched by being involved in TAP. It has not only been personally and professionally fulfilling, but allowed me to build lifelong bonds and friendships.

I want to give special thanks to the talented and supportive 2013 and 2014 boards, my Co-Social Chair- Joanne Hong, the resourceful Mr. Tom Cheng, and the members of my social committee. I could not have served so effectively without each and every one of you. My hope is that I have not just organized social events, but helped to facilitate and build relationships, networks, and lasting friendships.

TAP has achieved a great deal, but there is still so much potential and a lot more to accomplish. I encourage other Taiwanese Americans to get involved in the community, and use TAP as a resource for opportunities to build leadership, identity, and networking. I’m excited for the incoming board and know that with the continued support of our members, they will take TAP to the next level!



Jessica Wang, Treasurer

Jessica Wang
Outgoing Treasurer

It’s been such an honor to serve as part of the board these past two years as the Treasurer and get to be a part of such a wonderful organization as TAP-NY! My favorite part about being part of the board – outside of getting to hang out with the other awesome board members and members – is having the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is focused on bringing together all Taiwanese Americans in the NY area through a variety of fun activities and events. I have so many great memories from the past two years including but not limited to: TAPpy Hours, Lunar Banquet, Kunjip, board retreats, FROZEN!, AYCE hotpot and brazilian BBQ, and of course #portioncontrol2014. Thanks again for letting me manage your money! See everyone around soon 🙂



Michael Wang, Design Chair

Michael Wang
Outgoing Design Chair

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization this past year. From the numerous events that we’ve had and the people I’ve met, TAP is something that I’ll always remember and treasure. While on the board, we worked hard to launch the website; we ramped up marketing efforts for our banner events; and I’ve met some lifelong friends. Just wanted to give a great shout out to the great people of this community who make TAP the place it is today. While I’ll miss being on board with amazing people who I consider part of my family, I’m excited to see what the 2015 board has planned for us next year! Go TAP!