TAP is forming a team to join NYC’s newest basketball league: Speedball 4-on-4. If you’re the next Jeremy Lin (or aspiring to be), join the team, grab your jersey, and get ready to become a part of our wonderful athletics community!

Speedball is played 4-on-4, with an emphasis on quick pace of play, defense, and teamwork (additional rules listed below). The league keeps meticulous track of individual and team stats, provides t-shirts to all players, and ensures fair play with two refs per game.

Everyone is invited to play, so email Victor.Wang@tap-ny.org to sign up, and help take team TAP to the top! The cost of this league will be approximately $110 per person.


Rules of Speedball:

– No time-outs. Speedball is played fluidly. Subs will be made on dead balls.
– Stop-clock will only be in effect in the last 2 minutes of the game.
– No free throws until the last 2 minutes of the game. Technical fouls still apply.
– Players have 4 fouls until they are out of the game. The object here is to play defense and don’t foul.