Today, we pull back the curtain on our brand new spanking website, and we couldn’t be more excited. TAP-NY has always been about providing our members with meaningful relationships and quality experiences, regardless of the platform. While our previous site served that purpose just fine, we are proud to say that our new site reflects the thought and care we put into everything we do.


How did we get here?
On January 12th, 2014, the TAP-NY board settled in for their first full board meeting of the year and the kick off to a brand new year. As we brainstormed on impactful ways we could improve TAP’s brand and utility to our members, the topic inevitably kept coming back to our website.

One thing you might not know about TAP-NY is that the overwhelming majority of our reach is through our email newsletter and Facebook, and in both instances, the website plays a critical part in the “funnel” of members.

At that time, our newsletter would link users off to other places on the web to find out more information, or landed them on placeholder pages on our website that often were just links to an Eventbrite page (our ticketing vendor), or even a dead end. This was less than ideal, and we felt that we were losing valuable impressions and opportunities to brand ourselves in the process.

As the months went forward, we improved the experience in small ways: We kicked off a larger marketing presence on Facebook, brought ticket purchasing onto our own site, and began tracking web visits at higher fidelity. But even as this was occurring, behind the scenes we were in the planning stages of a larger refresh.

As we inched closer to launching, meetings were held to discuss various aspects of the launch: Content strategy, design, technology, marketing all had a part to play. By April, the design was making strides as we worked through a new visual language and style guide. Glimpses of this refresh were shown when we launched marketing sites for our larger events.

Today, several months later, we’re proud to reveal just a fraction of the work that went into this effort, and we can’t wait to show you more in the following months.

We’re not going to lie, the process that got us here was not as pretty as the end product. There were many deadlines that blew us by, technical issues that crippled us, and. Regardless, here are some lessons we learned:


So what now?
As mentioned, this isn’t the end, we still have plenty more updates on the way. In the meantime, please excuse our dust and enjoy our new look!

We’d love to hear what you think! Our site will continue to grow and evolve to serve the community and we welcome any and all feedback. Just drop us a line at