By Victor J Wang, TAP-NY Tech Chair

Almost 23 million people watched the US play Portugal in the World Cup last month, making it one of the most watched sporting events on ESPN ever. Over 6 million people read the Sports Illustrated story about Lebron James’ NBA future. And with Jeremy Lin headed to LA, who knows how many Asian Americans are going to be tuning in (probably a lot). Who would have thought that soccer would be popular in the US, who would have thought that Lebron would go back to Cleveland – who would have thought a Taiwanese American player could make it in the NBA?


No matter what way you spin it, there’s something magnetic about sports. On a local level, you can join in on the fun too, through TAP Athletics. Every week, our basketball, flag football, softball, and volleyball teams gather together to play in their respective leagues. What’s resulted has been camaraderie, personal development, and some good old plain fun for everyone involved.


Personally, I have benefited much from TAP’s organized sports teams. What started as a whimsical decision to join the TAP volleyball team is now an integral part of my weekly routine that I find both energizing and fulfilling. My favorite is when our games are on Mondays as this gives me something to look forward to – no joke. It’s great too because after spending an entire day sitting at a desk, it is rejuvenating, therapeutic even, to be able to exercise my muscles and competitive spirit.


What’s more is I’ve developed another great group of friends to hang out with. I’d like to think that the combination of regular interactions, serendipitous gatherings, and trials on the court often translates into more meaningful friendships off the court. Seeing my teammates once a week is sometimes more frequent than seeing my college buddies who currently live in NYC. After our games, we’ll go out to eat and drink, even celebrate birthdays as a team. On the court, it’s analogous to going into battle with my 哥兒們 – if we pulled off a gritty come-from-behind win during our last game, why wouldn’t I be happy to see you at our next TAPpy Hour?

If you’re interested in joining one of TAP’s sports teams, email and we’ll send you details!