By Ray Tsai, Membership Chair

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increasing number of Taiwanese Americans taking the spotlight across the nation. Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao was featured in a prominent New York Times article for her political activism. Fresh off the Boat, a sitcom based on the life of restaurateur and chef Eddie Huang, was picked up by ABC and will be the first sitcom focused on Asian Americans to air in 20 years. Taiwanese American Heritage Week was also in May, with Taiwanese organizations across the country throwing events like Passport to Taiwan to celebrate our community.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved with and continuing to strengthen the Taiwanese American community, I encourage you to get involved with a TAP-NY committee. Committees are a great new way for members to get more involved – any member can join a committee to share ideas, organize new events, or make current events even better!

A little bit on each of our committees is below. Just email and tell us which committees you’d like to join. We’ll sign you up for the right mailing list, let you know about upcoming committee meetings, and email you an official TAP-NY letter telling you how awesome you are.

Blog Post - Cultural

One of TAP-NY‘s missions is to help our members with professional growth and provide opportunities for career advancement. The Professional Committee plans professional panels and networking events while meeting some of the most influential Taiwanese Americans in New York City.

TAP-NY also strives to promote the Taiwanese American identity. We all have favorite activities that remind us of our Taiwanese heritage, so come help us plan events to share a piece of the island we all love.

Technology is a core component of our organization – making sure we’re organized, tracking everything, and communicating with the community. Join the Technology Committee and learn how we’re using social media combined with various web technologies to make staying connected easier than ever.

If there’s one thing about TAP-NY that you should know, it’s that we like to have fun! Join the Social Committee to help create events large and small for our members to better get to know each other and meet new friends.

Instagram filters aren’t the only reason TAP-NY looks so good. The Design Committee works hard to make our website and social media outlets look great. We’re also creating more videos and slideshows to celebrate the many activities we have throughout the year.

Community Service
TAP-NY is always looking to give back to New York City and those we can use our help. If you’re looking to make an impact or know of a potential partner organization that needs volunteers, join the Community Service Committee. In just the past few months, we have repainted an elementary school playground, restored part of a state park, and delivered bagged lunches to homebound seniors.

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