By Vivian Lee, Cultural Chair

Strands of twinkling lights and paper lanterns illuminate the space with a warm glow. The aroma of popcorn chicken wafts through the air. Strains of Mando-pop music play in the background while you sip on a Taiwan Beer. Sound like a dream? For 450 attendees, our Third Annual Night Market turned a sleepy Friday evening into a festival, and a Williamsburg warehouse into an experience to remember.


When asking someone what they love most about Taiwan, a popular response is the treasured Taiwanese night market. Night markets are an adventurous foodie’s paradise, teeming with tasty, cheap, and filling goods that can be savored to your heart’s content. With our Night Market event, we strove to bring that authentic island experience – from the ambiance, to the game selection, to the stinky tofu, to the mini yogurt drinks that are a local Taiwan favorite – to life, and offer those who have never had an opportunity to visit Taiwan a chance to get a flavor of what the culture has to offer without ever leaving NYC.


As warmer months (hopefully) are here to stay, I look forward to everything that TAP has in store for our members. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a perfect time to get more in touch with your culture! Whether it’s coming out to practice your Mandarin at our Diner En Mandarin dinner series, volunteering at Passport 2 Taiwan, or cooking up a storm at one of our authentic Taiwanese food cooking workshops, I encourage you to get more involved with TAP-NY!


Check out more photos from Night Market here. Didn’t make it this time? There’s always next year, so see you then!

TAP-NY Cultural Chair