Written by by Alex Shih, External VP

Social, Professional, Cultural, Community. These four pillars form the core of TAP-NY. When we put pen to paper and start planning an event – whether it be a simple dinner, a field day in Central Park, or a speaker panel – one of the first things the project lead asks is “which pillar does this fall under?” And sometimes, we’ll even ask “which pillars does this fall under?”

Donating Bone Marrow

Last month, we fused social and community with our flip cup tournament and bone marrow drive, and we melded cultural with social at our first ever Karaoke en Mandarin. In April, we’re bringing back one of our biggest events – the Taiwanese Night Market – to combine social, community, and cultural.

Taiwanese food is delicious, and it is an inextricable part of our culture. At this year’s night market, everyone will receive a Passport to Night Market, giving them the opportunity to try dishes from each of our hand picked vendors. Outerborough will be on hand with stinky tofu. Ah Pou’s Dumpling Cart will take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen. Taiwan Beer and Tiger Beer will make sure it’s always a good time.

Night Market isn’t just about culture though – it’s also about supporting the community and the small businesses that make New York unique. By coming out, you’re supporting each vendor, adding legitimacy to their craft, and enjoying their culinary creations. Vendors like Wooly’s Ice, which is making a delicious return to the NYC food scene, or Taicken Chicken, a crowd favorite, are an integral part of the experience.

Fishing at Night Market

And finally, part of what makes Night Market is the social element – the crowd. Taking a photobooth photo, struggling to capture goldfish with a paper net, and catching up with old friends and new…sounds like a great way to spend a spring evening.

You can read more about Night Market and buy tickets here.