1. Why did you want to join the TAP board? Was there a specific event or moment that really inspired you to join, and if so what was it?
2. What do you hope to accomplish in your time on the board?
3. Which TAP events are you most excited for, and why?
4. Finally, what would our entire membership be most surprised, or interested, to learn about you (one fun fact)?


Audrey Lee – Secretary
1. I started going to TAP events after I moved to New York 2 years ago, and they’d always been fun. After getting to know a few more board members this past year, and especially at Une Soiree, I found that I could really connect with TAP’s goals — to preserve and expand the Taiwanese American identity, as well as to give back to the community. I hope by joining the board, I can contribute more and help TAP and its community grow.

2. Beside doing my job as Secretary well, I’m hoping to collaborate more with New York based organizations associated with the Taiwanese government. Through co-hosting different events, I’m hoping to build a better bridge of communication between these two communities and to provide more opportunities for our members at all levels and for different interests.

3. I’m most excited for the annual night market event because I enjoy food and I absolutely LOVE Taiwanese street food. Food is the easiest way to bring people together and also the best way to introduce Taiwan to the community. You would be surprised how much you can learn about a culture just from its cuisine.

4. Growing up, my second-place dream job was to join Cirque Du Soleil. Dolphin Trainer was first.

Betty Wang – Community Chair
1. I went to a New York Cares Day volunteering event and met some really awesome friends through this experience. By joining the board, I hope to give TAP members opportunities to do the same and meet like-minded people while having fun and participating in something meaningful. I would also like to contribute to the great work that TAP has done so far.

2. I hope to provide opportunities for members to give back to the community through volunteering projects that support great causes and help less fortunate people in the city. By partnering with other organizations, we can show that Taiwanese Americans are passionate, well-rounded people that care about their community and others around them, as well as increase TAP’s presence in New York.

3. I am most excited for night market because I love to eat. I can’t wait to get my fix of yummy Taiwanese snacks. I also heard that the annual ski and snowboard trip is a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to a weekend of mayhem!

4. I speak three languages, English, Mandarin and French.


Johnson Wang – Professional Chair
1. I was a recent transplant to NYC, coming from Taiwan, and California before that. In the short year that I’ve been here, I’ve found a sense of family and belonging through TAP — the authentically Taiwanese, always fun events, and the “work hard, play harder” attitude of all the people. I want to make sure we continue to engage the Taiwanese American community so they can experience and feel the same way.

2. I want everyone to walk away from each Professional event with any of these 2 things: talk to a stranger and make a new friend, find a potential lead for career development (informational interview, internal referral, introduction to someone else who can help, etc.). It is my responsibility to facilitate either one of those goals. Everyone aspires to something more; let’s see what we can do to help each other get there.

3. Snowboarding — ‘nuff said.
ECC — I love technology, and entrepreneurship. This event brings those 2 things together. It’s always exciting to hear what ideas people have in their minds. But even more important is the execution.

4. I can do the moonwalk (like MJ).

Michael Wang – Design Chair
1. Since I moved to New York a year ago, I’ve admired both the quality of TAP’s events the awesomeness of the people I’ve met through TAP. When the opportunity to contribute to TAP presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity to become involved with such a great group of people.
2. Make it sexy.
3. I’m excited for all TAP events equally. They are all lovely. But especially the Night Market.
4. Even though I spent most of my life in California, I was born a small town in Alabama. I don’t know what my parents were doing there.


Ray Tsai – Membership Chair
1. When I moved to New York, I found my first great group of friends among TAP. I want to help TAP grow by bringing even more amazing individuals into our organization. I decided to get more involved by after I volunteered at the TAP Olympics and saw crazy but fun this family of people are.
2. I want to turn more members into “regulars” at events. I’ve met a lot of cool people, but it’s a shame that I’ve only seen you once or twice!
3. I love the cooking workshops! Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, and Taiwanese snacks are some of my favorite foods. If I see a dish that I like, I’ll be sure to attend the cooking workshop so that I can make the dish for myself whenever I want. Plus, the workshops are one of the best ways to get to know new people.
4. I used to breakdance in college. I can’t spin on my head, but I can do other cool spinning moves.

Victor J Wang – Technology Chair
1. I really wanted my own Board business card. The first time I met Charles, he gave me his TAP card and because it was super legit, I knew I had to subscribe to the newsletter..

But in all seriousness, it first started when I talked to Charles about his vision for TAP at a TAPpy hour. Then it was getting to know Jacqui from playing on the volleyball team and learning from her wisdom (only to find out that she’s rolling off the Board..). Not only has it been really inspiring getting to know the people in TAP but it’s been tons of fun – being on the Board is my way of giving back to this awesome community!

2. As Tech Chair, my primary objective is to empower our members with the resources to pursue their own ideas. I want to do this by bringing people together, specifically those with complimentary skill sets in business and technology. I have a few ideas for more tech/startup focused events so stay tuned!

Organizationally, I’d like to apply technology to streamline and automate various internal processes within TAP.

And oh yeah, manage the website.

3. As a startup guy, the event I’m most excited for is ECC. I attended last year and it was great to see so many of our members take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Then there are the Mandarin dinners. Even though I am a fluent speaker, I really wish that I have the opportunity to speak Mandarin more and these dinners are a fun way of doing just that.

Finally, the TAP Olympics! As a member of last year’s winning team, “熱狗 fo sho”, we have a gold medal to defend!

4. During the summer before my 8th grade, I attended a week-long summer camp at a Buddhist monastery where I learned how to play the er-hu.