1) What was your favorite TAP event of the year, and why?
2) Of all your experiences while on the TAP board, which was the most unexpected? Your favorite?
3) What do you hope to see TAP accomplish in the next two years?
4) Where will TAP members be able to continue seeing you now that you’re not on the board? Where will you be spending your extra free time?
5) What will you miss most about TAP?


George Liao – Membership Chair

1) My favorite TAP event of the year was definitely Une Soirée. Not only was it a great event where I met a bunch of cool people (and had good food and drinks), but it was also on the night of my birthday. The board surprised me with cake (and an embarrassing birthday song). It was an amazing gesture, and made me really appreciate the time that I had spent with all of them.

2) Without a doubt, my favorite (and least expected) experience while on the TAP board was representing TAP at the AAFH (Asian Americans for Hope) Date Auction. Unexpected, because nobody warned me that joining the board could mean having to sell yourself… but favorite because so many of my friends came out to support me, helping me and AAFH raise a ton of money for cancer research.

3) As membership chair, I’m especially interested in seeing TAP not only grow, but develop stronger connections with its membership. I’m hoping to see not only a larger membership, but one that continues to foster mutually beneficial relationships among its membership base — mentors teaching mentees, investors investing in entrepreneurs, fostering buy-side/sell-side relationships, and more. These are all things that have happened within the TAP community already — and I hope to see more.

4) TAP members will definitely be able to continue seeing me at whatever TAP events I can make it to (which will probably be a lot). Tappy hours, dinners, etc. will all continue to be on my social calendar.

As for my extra free time — I’m planning on spending it trying out a bunch of different things. There are things that I want to learn (cooking, for example), and places I’ve been meaning to go (basically everywhere). In addition to that, I have a few side projects that I’d like to get into, but not sure what those are just yet!

5) Without a doubt, what I’ll miss most about TAP is the board and volunteers. Not only are they all fun to hang out with, but they’re great people as well. They’re supportive of everything I do (whether TAP-related or not), smart, and dedicated. I of course plan on continuing to see all of them, but will definitely miss the shared team spirit that being on the board can bring.


Brooke Chuang – Secretary

1) My favorite TAP event is the Olympics. It’s great getting to know people through events like Tug Of War, Planking, Shoe Kicking, the list goes on. You get to see people’s silly and competitive sides as well as their hidden talents.

2) My most unexpected moment on the TAP board was…honestly, the amount of food we consume at all the board meetings was not something I expected. I honestly think the amount of food is correlated with how productive or unproductive we are.

3) My hope for TAP is to continue to growing as one of the premier groups in NYC, bringing people together while showcasing new talent and bringing new ideas to light.

4) I will definitely still be around TAP, can’t get rid of me that easily. I will be spending my extra free time rediscovering the food scene in NYC. I’ve been neglecting the foodie side of me and need to remedy that ASAP!

5) The people! I’ve made so many friendships through TAP and had so many opportunities to meet amazing people who are changing the world everyday.


Jacqui Wu – Co-President

1) the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ was one of my favorite events of the year – not just because charles/i planned it. we have so many awesome volunteers that come out and help make TAP events happen throughout the year. it’s the least we can do to make a meal for them and plan a day full of team games, challenges and FUN! this year we had some creative pictures/hashtags and an epic Taiwanese trivia battle amongst other memorable moments – don’t want to reveal everything…if you want to see what goes on at these BBQs, you’ll have to volunteer to get your exclusive invitation =)

2) i think the bond i built with all my fellow board members was definitely most unexpected and my favorite part of being on the board. it’s understandable and completely within the realm of possibilities that 12 people who work so closely together will build strong camaraderie and friendship, but the way we rely on each other, the way we trust and support one another and the way we quibble and bicker – all this is what makes us a family, and that, i did not expect.

3) i hope that TAP will continue to help young Taiwanese American professionals forge strong relationships – whether through TAPpy hours, sports teams, volunteering or other unfathomably creative events, the point is, this web of Taiwanese Americans needs to keep growing and getting stronger.

4) i will definitely be attending a lot of TAP events next year to support the community and continue to (attempt to) dominate with my TAP volleyball team. outside of TAP, i plan to keep up with my hip hop Fridays (ask me about it if you’re interested) and spend a lot of time in my kitchen, cooking up a storm.

5) as crazy as it may sound, i will miss the crazy nights planning events and going over logistics, making sure everything appears to run smoothly in TAP. being on the board has been such a huge part of my life these past 2 years, every aspect of it – the fun, the busy, the worrying, the glorious celebrations of success. i will certainly feel a void once i roll off…most importantly, I will miss my TAP family!!! i love you all, and best of luck next year =)


Jenn Lin – Community Chair

1) My favorite TAP event of the year was definitely the snowboarding trip! It was a fun-filled and memorable weekend with lots of bonding, funny stories, boarding/skiing, and drinking games! The bus ride, terrain park runs, condo party at Hearthstone… Everyone had a blast and many new friendships were built. Can’t beat that!

2) My most unexpected and favorite experience while on the TAP board is seeing the outcome of all the community service events I hosted – whether it’s working with underprivileged kids, helping seniors, cleaning up the environment, transforming low-budget schools, translating for new Chinese immigrants or raising funds for charity. It is very touching and rewarding to see that so many people within TAP are passionate about helping others. It shows that we are not just about having fun and partying, but we also care a lot about giving back to those less fortunate.

3) I hope that TAP can continue to give back to the community through its different programs – professional, social, cultural and community service – and plan events that motivate young professionals to come out, participate and represent. I would like to see more variety of events, membership growth, and partnership with more non-profit organizations in the future.

4) I will still be coming out to support TAP events whenever I can. As for my extra free time, I am hoping to travel more, spend more time with family, learn new skills, tutor/mentor kids, come up with a business idea, and pretty much just work on bettering myself in every way possible =]

5) I will miss the TAP board the most. Over the years, I’ve gotten to work with some of the most talented, passionate individuals and have learned a lot from everyone. We have built a very strong bond and support each other not just with TAP events. They will always be my TAP family =)


Andy Ni – Website Chair

1) There are so many to choose from but my favorite TAP event of the year is the Lunar New Year Banquet because it’s so festive! It’s great to see so many TAP members come out to enjoy the wonderful food, performances, and just have an awesome time celebrating.

2) Besides all the pies to the face, probably the bond I’ve created with the board. I knew we were going to spend a lot of time together planning and working together but it’s truly become a family. Everyone was always willing to lend a hand and it was a great feeling when the events thrown turned out to be a success. Definitely a lot of memories made.

3) I hope to see TAP continue to grow. Since I joined the board three years ago, I’ve seen TAP NY gain more members, host more events, and become an integral part of many here in New York. I hope that the successes don’t stop there and that the board and members continue innovate and grow.

4) At TAP events of course! I will still be around and will continue to be a part of the TAP family. As for free time… probably out attending TAP events!

5) The people. The membership has a diverse background and I’m always learning new things meeting new people. The board members will be sorely missed too. We really got close and the work was never dull because everyone was awesome!