Why did you decide to get involved with TAP?
TAP always has these 3 things: Good Food, Good Events and Good People. Why NOT get involved? 🙂

Why is TAP important to you, and why do you continue to be so active?
TAP is so important to me because some of my best friends are in TAP! I continue to meet and make lasting bonds with awesome people through the volunteering, cultural, and social events. Did I also mention the free food?

What has been the best TAP event this past year and why?
My Favorite TAP Event by far was the TAP Olympics (even though one of my teammates was hung-over *ahem*).I l oved that it was during the day, it encouraged us to be active and helped us make real connections from memorable moments (13 minute plank!)

What kind of events would you like to see TAP put on in the future?
I think TAP already does a lot of events. There are always dinners, cooking lessons, volunteer sessions, Happy Hours, book clubs, picnics, professional events, movie screenings etc. I think TAP already has some great marquee events. What TAP can focus on is to get more people to participate in these marquee events and making these events more memorable.

How have you increased your network through TAP, both personally and professionally?
I have met so many of my current friends through TAP, one of which just landed a job at the company I work for 🙂 I think that already speaks volumes.

What do you do in the city outside of TAP?
I recently finished a Level 1 Improv Class at Magnet Theater and put on a Class Performance on October 11th. I highly recommend the teachers! They also offer free intro classes. I’m happy to organize a group of TAP Members to take an intro to improv class! Just say the word.

What’s your favorite place in Taiwan & what do you miss the most about Taiwan?
I have never been to Taiwan, but I will be visiting Taipei from December 26th – December 30th. Give me a holler if you’re there!

Where would you like to see TAP this time next year? How would you encourage newer TAP members to get involved? I picture TAP to be awesomer (yes, I know that’s not a word) than ever! Here are 3 great reasons to get involved: Good Food, Good Events, and Good People. What else do you need in life besides these 3 things?