Come join us for a night of entertainment and laughs! Combining The Amazing Race with The 39 Steps, Around the World in 80 Days is an eye-popping tour de force inspired by the Jules Verne classic. 5 actors hilariously play 39 roles. 4 continents and 3 oceans unfold from a Swiss Army Knife of a set. A fasten-your-seat belt comedic script, spectacularly realized in the only purpose-built theater in New York all make for one unforgettable voyage.

Called “A Whirlwind Romp” ( and “A Laugh Riot” (veteran critic Michael Musto), Around the World in 80 Days is “High-spirited and cheeky…deliciously silly.” (NY Daily News). The NY Times declares “High-tech razzle…Slick steampunk vaudeville…You’ll admire the energy.” And for those looking for a family show, proclaims “A fun evening for kids and adults alike, Around The World In 80 Days is a rollicking voyage.”

When: October 10, 2013 7pm
Where: The New Theater: 354 W. 45th St. (between 8th and 9th Ave)