Why did you decide to get involved with TAP?
I had just come back from living and working in Taipei for a year and half. I think part of it was nostalgia for the place I had come to call home — the people, the culture, the food. The other part was finding a network of professionals I could tap into as a resource while I looked for a job in NYC.

Why is TAP important to you, and why do you continue to be so active?
I want to be a part of the vibrant Taiwanese American community, where people enjoy each other’s company, and help and watch out for one another. I am most active in the events that match my personal interests — sports, the outdoors, and entrepreneurship.

What has been the best TAP event this past year and why?
Entrepreneur Challenge and Competition. I was able to help organize the event, and being able to see just how much work and planning and organizing and marketing went into it really opened my eyes.

What kind of events would you like to see TAP put on in the future?
More outdoors events — hiking, biking, exploring the City That Never Sleeps.

How have you increased your network through TAP, both personally and professionally?
Yes, both personally and professionally. It’s also been great introducing other people to TAP, and seeing them tap into the network, and even landing a job shortly thereafter.

What do you do in the city outside of TAP?
Weekend hikes, rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, bicycling everywhere, salsa dancing.

What’s your favorite place in Taiwan & what do you miss the most about Taiwan?
This place called Huashan 1914 in Taipei. It used to be a wine factory, but now it’s been turned into this creative art center and outdoor park at the center of the city. There’s a lot of good food there, but I go more for the exhibits — design, art, performances. It’s this strangely alluring combination of rustic and modern: tap dancers on weekends, modern design exhibits, performances by aboriginal people, and more.


Where would you like to see TAP this time next year?
I’d like to see even higher participation in events, but keeping events small enough to still feel personable and intimate.

How would you encourage newer TAP members to get involved?
Find an event that you like, that matches your personal interests. You don’t have to go to every single TAP event. But find the ones that you like, and if you enjoy participating, try volunteering to get involved. If you see something that can be improved, be the one to proactively improve it.