“this month marked a month of intellectual stimulation at our annual Entrepreneur Challenge & Competition where we handed out $11,000 in cash prizes; coming out to support @[487169137994351:274:Linsanity: the Movie] with a private screening and a Q&A with producer, Brian Yang; a night of networking and fun at our September TAPpy Hour; and, competing in our sports leagues – Vball + Flag Football both claimed 2nd place!!”

From 2013 09 & 10 ECC + Linsanity Movie + Sep TAPpy + Sports Champions, posted by Taiwanese American Professionals – New York (TAP-NY) on 10/31/2013 (62 items)

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TAP-NY is proud to announce the return of our highly successful Entrepreneur Challenge & Competition (ECC)! After much deliberation and careful consideration, we have narrowed it down to our Final 8. With 4 Taiwanese American hotshot entrepreneurs mentoring the contestants, it’s anyone’s guess who will take home the ultimate prize of $10,000!

Join us at the Final Competition Day on Sep 14th and watch as the Final 8 battle it out. Vote for your favorite team, and they will have a chance to take home $1000 for the Audience Favorite award!

When: Saturday, Sep 14, 2013, 1PM
Where: 315 W. 36th Street



BenchPals is building a community for scientists through software that makes lab and data sharing easy and interactive. As scientists, the cofounders of BenchPals have identified problems in the way laboratories are currently run that result in decreased research productivity and squandered funds. The solution is mobile applications that will enable researchers to digitally manipulate their experimental protocols with ease, allowing them to share information among colleagues and advisors simultaneously keeping valuable data and IP secure via cloud storage.



Online food delivery is a $14B industry, and BringMeThat is the only online platform that can serve the entire market.  We utilize proprietary algorithms to acquire restaurants, which allows us to enter thousands of markets that sales-driven companies like Grubhub and Seamless can’t.  80% of the population, predominantly in small to mid-sized cities, are underserved in the online food delivery space and BringMeThat is well-positioned to quickly capture this market.  We’re currently in 10000 delivery restaurants right now in 10 states and are growing very quickly.



LifeGuard Games creates mobile games to help kids stay healthy. Our first series of games is Wellapets, for kids with health conditions like asthma, food allergy and diabetes. With Wellapets, kids care for a virtual pet on phones and tablets. Each Wellapet has the same health condition as its user. We design our games such that caring for Wellapets teaches users how to manage their own health and offers a friendly companion. Our greater vision is to develop a suite of apps, encompassing different health conditions and game genres, to address the global challenge of behavioral health management.



MakeAnything is a technology kit community that helps foster a new culture of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) through providing creative, affordable, and accessible technology project kits and supporting an educational community among its users of all backgrounds. We believe that, with the right tool and instructions, we can all make anything and everything!



Nomz serves busy people “nearly-ready” Asian recipes that are savory and save time.



Quotesome is a place to collect, discover, and curate your own collection of quotes. While anybody can use and benefit from Quotesome, Quotesome’s main customers are universities and bookstores. Quotesome tackles the frustrations of the academic community with an accuracy mechanism, and partners with bookstores and content publishers to help them drive sales.



Threadmason has solved the #1 reason why men hate shopping and #1 reason why men do not purchase clothes online – FIT. Threadmason has thrown-out the generic sizing method of Small/Medium/Large and built from the ground up shirt sizes based on men’s body types and forms. They’ve assembled an all-star team of veteran menswear designers and makers, crunched reams of data on men’s body measurements and went through countless rounds of prototyping. Just enter 3 basic measurements and get paired with one of their proprietary sizes that will fit you perfectly.  This is the future of menswear. Made in NYC.

Contact us at info@threadmason.com.



“Thoughtful food for thoughtful people.”

Our mission is to deliver simple, nutritional and delicious food.  More and more consumers want to know what they are putting in their bodies and it’s not ingredients with long unfamiliar names. Food is not just fuel; it is synonymous to life-long health and well-being.

Umame Nuts is a handmade seaweed nut cluster featuring a lightly roasted Tai Cai seaweed. Made without the use of salt or preservatives, it is an all-natural blend of ingredients comprising of lightly roasted seaweed, organic brown rice crisps and various blends of nuts and dried fruit.