Why did you decide to get involved with TAP?
I went to a Hyphen magazine event where TAP was a community partner. After the event, I wanted to find out more about TAP since I’d never heard of an organization for young Taiwanese-Americans before. I was excited to see such a wide variety of featured events on the TAP-NY chapter website that I could attend. The video trailer for the night market event sealed the deal for me – I had to join in on all that fun!

Why is TAP important to you, and why do you continue to be so active?
TAP gives me the opportunity to meet more Taiwanese Americans from many different backgrounds. Aside from my family, I don’t have many friends who are Taiwanese. It has been really interesting and fun to connect with people here in New York who not just share my interests but also want to stay in touch with their cultural heritage.

What has been the best TAP event this past year and why?
The best TAP event for me this year has been the TAP Night Market! Delicious Taiwanese food options right here in New York City are surprisingly few and far between (if only more Taiwanese restaurants in California expanded to the East Coast!) but Night Market brings a lot of great vendors together and gives Taiwanese food a much-needed spotlight. You can’t go wrong with yummy food at a great venue!

What kind of events would you like to see TAP put on in the future?
TAP already has so much to offer! It would be great to see more TAP sports teams/events and I think in the future, TAP-NY could partner with other TAP chapters in other cities and develop even bigger projects. The Entrepreneur Competition could become a multi-city tour with a larger reach. TAP members could expand their personal and professional network not just in their own city but across the U.S. (Ambitious, I know but why not?)

How have you increased your network through TAP, both personally and professionally?
TAP members are a diverse group. I’ve met other foodies who love discovering the latest and greatest new eats as much as I do but I’ve also met friends who I wouldn’t likely meet otherwise through work or through other friends. TAPpy hours and the TAP dinner series are my favorite ways to meet other members.

What do you do in the city outside of TAP?
I’m a media junkie so I’m a voracious reader and occasional writer. Bookstores and parks (during warm weather) are my favorite haunts. I’m always on the lookout for a good tea house (I usually settle for the nearest cafe/coffee shop), dessert spot, or bakery since I have such a big sweet tooth. I enjoy catching up with friends and plotting exciting travel adventures to places I’ve never been to. I could travel the world one bite at a time!

What’s your favorite place in Taiwan & what do you miss the most about Taiwan?
I have many favorite places in Taiwan but I always love exploring Taipei and Kaohsiung. When I want a break from the big city, my favorite nature spot is Kenting National Park. I love the natural beauty of the island – it’s so far removed from the skyscraper jungle of New York. Also, I’m always missing authentic Taiwanese foods – from ba wan and ban mian (Hakka-style flat noodle soup) to fresh mangoes and guava with plum powder.

Where would you like to see TAP this time next year? How would you encourage newer TAP members to get involved?
I want to see TAP continue to expand with even more active members. Newer TAP members can join smaller events like the TAP dinner series or a workshop to really get to know other members, especially the board members.