TAP NY members take their ski trips very seriously, both on the mountain and off. 64 tap members endured a six hour ride up to Stratton Mountain for the third annual snowboarding trip. Jellybeans were handed out on the bus ride to quiet grumbling stomachs and also to start the ice breakers.

TAP lucked out and had some of the best conditions the east coast has ever seen. Jen Lin, community chair, took advantage of this and pushed tap members to go faster and higher, literally as she pushed many partners to try jumps and 180s and blacks and moguls and boxes…. She didn’t hold back either so no worries about abusing members on this trip, although I think I was the only one who didn’t come prepared for the hot tubs. ¬†Which some members took advantage of as well as the Mardi Gras celebration in the village. Those who indulged in the first definitely benefitted before a “traditional” Irish dinner (there were nachos, ’nuff said) and were prepped for game night/rager.

People faced off in games like cards against humanity (ridiculous game as expected) and old fallbacks like beer pong (with too many rules), flip cup (don’t play if you’re not bringing your a game), and heart attack (on stools of all tings). As per the usual, TAP threw such a good party that other stratton visitors tried to crash the party by pretending to be security guards only to be turned away by Jacqui, co-pres turned bouncer.

While the party ended early (although I needed it because apparently some TAP members snore more than others), people were up the next day ready to drop off their stuff and hit the slopes again.  Minus some mishaps with the condo management (who has now learned not to cross TAP board members), I had a great weekend and conked out the whole way back to NYC.

-Snowboarder Extraordinaire