LINsanity is back in town: Brooklyn town, that is.  On Feb 22, the boys dusted off their #17 Knicks jerseys, remembered their disgust with the Knicks and schlepped to Barclays Center.

When I stepped into Barclays Center two Fridays ago, the grandeur (and cleanliness) was jaw-dropping.  If MSG — pre-renovation — was a Forever 21 or an H&M, Barclays Center was at least a Henri Bendel.  Sorry boys if this is difficult to understand, but I guess it is like comparing a Honda Civic and a Mercedes C-Class.  Kudos to Jay-Z and the majority owners of Barclays Center (who are never mentioned).

The Nets are a decent team, with Brooke Lopez and D-Will leading the pack (although I have to say, D-Will has lost a lot of his spark since his Utah days).  But, the TAP-NY men were all rooting for our very own J-Lin, LINsanity.

“This bond I have with Jeremy, this pride and connectivity coming straight from my heart, my core, to finally be able to relate to an athlete, a basketball player — that is what Jeremy created for me.  I hate the Knicks for not re-signing him, for not keeping a role model within our community.”  While not a direct quote, I heard this similar blurb from the guy to my left, the guy to my right and the guy I was randomly chatting with on line for chicken tenders.

I can’t say I have the same “mad love” for Jeremy like you do, boys (my love lies with a certain controversial but mad talented shooting guard), but I feel you — Jeremy Lin is more than just a Taiwanese American basketball player…he was your basketball dream come to life, right here in NYC.

Who knows, if D-Will doesn’t pick up his former all-star brilliance by 2016 or if CJ Watson is up for a swap, maybe the Nets can bring home Jeremy?  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.